Pound cake served on a fine china.

Bunge’s proprietary* vegetable based plastic shortening is designed to allow the replacement of traditional shortening saturates with phytosterols. The phytosterols serve to confer structure to the shortening which is translated to the finished application.

PhytoBake may be used in a wide array of sweet bakery product applications including cookies, pie crusts, and cakes to enhance the nutritional content of traditional indulgent bakery snack foods.

Dietary guidelines for Americans state that 650mg twice a day of phytosterols should be consumed combined with low sat and cholesterol food.

Ingesting phytosterols, in foods may help you control your cholesterol levels. Phytosterols may also aid in joint health and in boosting your immune system.

Subtle differences in phytosterol structures provide significant health benefits.

  • Up to 46% reduction in saturated fats and trans fat.
  • Provides cardio-protective benefits by lowering bad cholesterol.

The phytosterols prevent free cholesterol incorporation in micelles subsequently decreasing cholesterol absorption across intestinal mucosal wall.

Providing the desired health benefits of cholesterol management, while the consumer will not compromise taste, performance or usage.

Label for Bunge 237 PhytoBake Specialty Shortening

237 PhytoBake Specialty Shortening

Ingredients: Canola oil, palm oil, hydrogenated soybean oil and phytosterol esters. Canola oils from Canada.

Facts Panel:

Saturated Fat 4g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3g
Monounsaturated Fat 4g