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Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra frying oil is perfect for deep fried foods and for preparing delicate scratch aiolis.

Bunge high oleic, low linolenic canola frying oil offers both ultra stability and versatility that is unmatched by any product in its category. It delivers exceptionally long 7-12 days* of fry life helping to lower food costs and provide improved menu profitability.

Bunge NutraClear NT Ultra Canola Oil and example applications.
  • Zero Grams Trans Fat Per Serving
  • Superior stability and fry life
  • No Hydrogenation
  • Low saturated fat level per serving
  • Superior fried food taste and performance
  • Good source of monounsaturated fat
  • Contains Omega-9 fatty acids
  • Use for deep fried foods or in delicate Aioli’s

Operationally, NCNT Ultra has a significant advantage over
commodity oils when it comes to equipment cleaning.

Oils that are high in polyunsaturated fat have a tendency to polymerize or put that yellow varnish on kitchen surfaces that is very hard to clean. NCNT Ultra has a high level of resistance to this type of breakdown and we have seen night and day differences in equipment cleanliness when companies switch.

Your purchase of Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra enrolls you in a FREE comprehensive on-line Frying Oil Training Program. Here you and your staff can learn safety, proper cooking procedures and money saving tips through numerous instructional videos. You can test your knowledge through the tests included after each chapter.

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Learn the frying oil basics
Become proficient at filtering and
assessing oil quality
Learn how to discard used oil properly

Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra has a significant saturated fat reduction over soy and corn, providing a 50% reduction in the saturated fat contribution from oil.

Expanded nutrition information and summary

Ingredient Statement: High Oleic Canola Oil. Canola oil from Canada.

UPC Number Description / Kosher Shipping Wt (lbs) Pack Size
78684-72477 Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra, O/U Parve 37.0 35 lb case
Taste preference test graph.

Frylife Study Results in $50K+ in Cost Savings

Bunge and the Omega-9 Oils team partnered with a national quickservice restaurant chain to determine how Nutra-Clear NT performed in comparison to a common blend of RBD soybean oil and solid fat (fully hydrogenated soybean oil).

A trained panel conducted a ten day sensory trial in which they tracked frylife and taste of french fries prepared in Nutra-Clear NT and french fries prepared in their current soybean oil blend.

The Final Results
By switching to Nutra-Clear NT, the operation doubled the typical frylife of the oil to approximately ten days.

By switching to Nutra-Clear NT, the restaurant chain calculated a savings of $1,450.00 per unit, per year:

Savings/ per unit, per year: $1,450.00
Number of units: 35

Calculate Your Savings

Ask your Bunge representative for a demonstration of our Cost Saving Calculator app
on the iPad. A great way to see the value NCNT offers your operation.

Nashville Hot Chicken recipe.

Spice up your menu with Nashville style Hot Chicken!

For our Hot chicken recipe we tried to stay true to the original as well as possible while improving some health aspects and adding a touch of updated flavors.

We have used Nutra-Clear NT Ultra High Oleic Canola Oil and added a touch of Ancho pepper and smoked paprika in addition to the cayenne for a nice depth of flavor.

Your recipe will vary to your taste but as a baseline consider starting with one part Ancho, Paprika, and Cayenne and 2 parts Nutra Clear NT Ultra Canola Oil.