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The Pilot Plant allows us to offer a commercial setting in which our customers can evaluate how corn, rice or masa ingredients perform in our customers extruded snack and cereal applications.

Step 1: Horizontal Mixer
Step 2: Single Screw Extruder
Step 3: Thermal Processing
Step 4: Coating
Step 5: Cooling
Wheat pillows PILLOWS
Corn chips CHIPS
Potato sticks POTATO STICKS
Corn balls CORN BALLS

Extrusion Pilot Plant

Woodland, California and the Bradley, Illinois facilities both house Extrusion capabilities to better meet the needs of our milling customers. With our equipment and expertise, we guarantee an efficient process from the initial idea, through the pilot scale at Bradley, IL and actual production at the Woodland, CA facility.

The Bunge R&D team will help you custom design your project and develop a scope which suits your objectives and reduces technical risk. We encourage our customers to work with us at these facilities for their own research and development projects.