Spice up your menu with Nashville style Hot Chicken!

Deep fried for crisp texture and added zest from cayenne and ancho peppers.

Hot Chicken provides a unique option for your next LTO or new menu standard.

Substitute the traditional recipe’s lard with Nutra-Clear NT Ultra High Oleic Canola oil and get the same great taste with no trans fats!

NRA 2013 Pop-Up Restaurant Concept

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Chicago - May 18, 2013
What is a Pop-Up restaurant?
A pop-up restaurant is basically putting a temporary restaurant into an existing restaurant or non restaurant space. Usually used to create some buzz for a grand opening or in our case a new product release, Pristine Gourmet: Soybean, Canola, and Sunflower Virgin Oils.

Chicago - May 18, 2013
Why did we decide to do a pop-up concept for NRA?
We wanted to take one of the more interesting foodservice trends and incorporate it into our annual NRA events. Since we are based in Chicago and everyone comes to our great city for the NRA, we wanted to show off the up and coming food scene in the neighborhood known as Logan Square.

Chicago - May 18, 2013
How did we come up with and execute the pop-up concept?
We have been to quite a few pop-up restaurant and bar events in the past few years and tried to take that inspiration into our event. With JAM, a Michelin recommended restaurant our friend Jeff owns and operates, and bartenders from The Violet Hour, the Midwest best cocktail bar, along with Bunge Virgin Oils we really just wanted to throw the best party possible and introduce everyone to new flavors, neighborhoods, and products.

The BIIC Culinary Kitchen and Conference Center provides a unique commercial restaurant setting in which customers and Bunge’s Experts can utilize Bunge products in a one-on-one, hands-on collaborative environment.

Nashville Hot Chicken
Smoked Fish Crêpe
Asparagus Salad
Bunge chefs in the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Bunge chefs in the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Videoconferencing room at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
ELectrolux® Air-O-Steam Touchline Combination Oven at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Montague® Oven, Grill, Griddle and Range at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Frymaster® Protector Series 140 Gallon, 4-Pot Fryer at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Electrolux® Air-O-Chill 102 Blast Chiller at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Virgin oils tasting bar at the BIIC Culinary Kitchen
Seafood fried with Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra
FDA bans Partially Hydrogenated Oils. Bunge has been in compliance for over a decade.
Bunge chefs in the BIIC Culinary Kitchen.
Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra package.
Pour’n Fry NT® package.
Amaizing NT® package.
Pro-Formance® NT package.

Nashville-Style Hot Chicken

For our Hot Chicken recipe we tried to stay true to the original as well as possible while improving some health aspects and adding a touch of updated flavors.

The traditional Hot Chicken recipe is made of cayenne pepper and lard mixed into a paste of roughly 1 part of lard to 2 parts cayenne pepper. We have used Nutra-Clear NT Ultra High Oleic Canola Oil in place of the lard and added a touch of Ancho pepper and smoked paprika in addition to the cayenne for a nice depth of flavor.

Your recipe will vary to your taste but as a baseline consider starting with one part Ancho, Paprika, and Cayenne and 2 parts Nutra Clear NT Ultra Canola Oil.

The philosophy behind the recipe builds
When we write a menu, we like there to be a large selection of flavors, temperatures, and textures throughout. We also like pairing lowly ingredients such as buckwheat crepes with cured trout roe for a great High / Low menu effect. At the end of the day nothing is more important than making the food taste great but we always have believed the flow of the menu should tell a story of that event and hopefully leave a great memory!

Beef Tartare Beef Tartare
Prime Beef tenderloin combined with capers, cornichon, red onion and a sirichia Virgin Canola Aioli for texture and flavor. Served on oiled, grilled bread.
Smoked Fish Crêpe Smoked Fish Crêpe
Earthy buckwheat crepes made with Bunge High Heat Cooking Spray filled with smoked Arctic char, pickled onion, and herbed fromage blanc topped with cured trout roe.
Country Ham Mayo Country Ham Mayo
A taste of Kentucky with coffee and smoked paprika flavored Virgin Soy Mayo combined on toasted bread with a thin slice of cured country ham.

Asparagus Salad
Since our growing season is a little late in Chicago, NRA is usually perfect Asparagus season. We don’t mess with ours much, blanching then pairing with a Virgin Canola Oil poached Egg, crispy pancetta and a spicy Virgin Canola Oil aioli for a dish that tastes like spring. The oil poached egg is a great trick from Chef Jeff @ JAM which he learned on his culinary travels.

Green Garlic Soup Green Garlic Soup
Springs first garlic, and color from a wild ramp puree added at the last minute. The green garlic is sauteed in High Oleic Soybean Oil and then the finished soup is garnished with a drizzle of Virgin Soybean Oil.
Pork And Duck Rillettes Pork And Duck Rillettes
Shredded Pork and Duck combined with Homai rice then breaded with Homai rice panko and fried in Pour’n Fry NT Ultra.
Morel and Ramp Risotto Morel and Ramp Risotto
Old World European butter blend sautéed ramps and morels combined with Homai rice and cooked until creamy.

Smelts are one of our favorite fried items that we didn’t really appreciate until traveling to Spain where small, whole fried fish are king. We realized people don’t have a problem eating a whole little fish, restaurants have a problem getting them crispy, and not greasy. Our Gluten Free Rice Panko breading and Nutra-Clear NT Ultra helps with this while reducing oil pickup.

Chicago’s favorite fish breaded with Homai Rice Panko crumb then fried to golden and paired with fresh pickled vegetables and homemade Virgin Soy remoulade sauce.

Lamb Lamb
Black Olive Lamb chops on top of charred eggplant puree and a fresh fennel slaw dressed with Virgin Soy Oil get finished with crispy fried Artichoke chips fried in Pour’n Fry NT Ultra.
King Crab King Crab
Fresh chilled king crab is combined with earthy celery root, tangy Dijon/ Sunflower Oil mayo and shaved tart green apple.
Coffee and Beignets Coffee and Beignets
A play on tradition with coffee panna cotta and fresh beignets fried in High Oleic Soybean Oil.

Menu Ideation

In the BIIC Kitchen our Bunge Culinary Experts enthusiastically work with you to explore ideas that have the power to create exciting, new opportunities. We’ve created an environment conducive to experimentation without limits. The Culinary Experts insight, experience and thought provoking questions make them the perfect partner for you ideation project. The Culinary Experts experience both here and abroad bring welcome insight to real world kitchen situations.

Our Culinary team is driven by marketing trends supported by a dedicated Bunge market research specialist.

We ask the right questions combined with the right research:
How do we create opportunities that connect with consumers?
How do we make those concepts fit your restaurants brand?
How do we work with your existing pantry and equipment within your segment?

Culinary Kitchen and Conference Center

The Culinary Kitchen is outfitted with industrial kitchen equipment ideal for everything from showcasing Bunge’s latest product innovations and testing new recipe formulations to cooking demonstrations with Bunge’s culinary experts and sampling on-trend finished food products. The Culinary Kitchen is the ideal space for food innovation. Combined with the BIIC pilot plants, Bunge customers are provided with all of the resources they need to successfully develop the next big menu item or snack food, all in one comprehensive environment.

In the BIIC Conference Center, guests can host meetings, culinary presentations and more. With space for 12 guests, this area boasts advanced audio/video technology and even doubles as an elegant dining room for group meals and customer events.

Videoconferencing Capabilities

The Conference Center’s interactive multimedia capabilities allow guests to connect face-to-face with colleagues from around the world straight from the Culinary Kitchen. With a 50” high-definition television and crystal clear sound, interaction with meeting participants over the internet is as seamless as if they were in the same room.

Electrolux® Air-O-Steam Touchline Combination Oven

The BIIC’s combi oven uses top of the line touch screen technology to produce variable specific cooking environments. The oven can be programmed with up to 1000 recipes and features a built-in 6-point multi-sensor core temperature probe, so anything from roasted lamb to baked cookies and muffins, can be cooked accurately to delicious perfection.

Montague® Oven, Grill, Griddle and Range

The entirely Montague®-manufactured cooking line of the BIIC Culinary Kitchen allows Bunge’s team of chef to efficiently and effectively create on-trend menu items using Bunge products in a restaurant-grade kitchen. Great for testing Bunge’s high stability butter alternatives, the Montague® 36” Chrome-Plated Flattop Griddle has thermostatic controls for improved temperature consistency. The Montague® 36” 6-Burner Stove Top packs 30,000 powerful BTUs for instant intense heat. The state-of-the-art Montague® 36” Char Broiler Grill has reversible cast iron grates and is used within some of the finest establishments in the food industry. The kitchen’s Montague® Dual Under Counter Ovens include precise thermostatic controls and a cast iron base that allows for improved heat retention and stable cooking temperatures.

Frymaster® Protector Series 140 Gallon, 4-Pot Fryer

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the BIIC Culinary Kitchen, the Frymaster® Protector 4 pot fryer allows Bunge’s Oil Experts to conduct side-by-side oil analysis, comparative fry tests, sensory evaluations and more. This high-efficiency fryer is ENERGY STAR® rated with a state-of-the-art heat transfer system.

Electrolux® Air-O-Chill 102 Blast Chiller

The industry standard for remarkably quick chill applications, the Electrolux® Blast Chiller can chill a product from 160°F to 39°F in less than 90 minutes. With fully programmable soft chill, hard chill and blast freeze modes, this piece of machinery is excellent for par fried appetizer and dessert development.

Virgin Oils Tasting Bar

Possibly the most unique features of the BIIC Culinary Kitchen, guests can sample seasonal varieties of on-trend virgin oils from Bunge at the Virgin Oils Tasting Bar. The bar features four taps for tasting heart-healthy oils such as virgin soybean oil, virgin canola oil, virgin sunflower oil and, of course, extra virgin olive oil which can be used in aiolis, vinaigrettes and much more. The virgin oils bar also includes a customized lighting system to help emphasize the distinct color attributes of these flavorful offerings.

Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra

Superior 7-12 Day Fry Life Performance*

Nutra-Clear® NT® Ultra is a highly stable cooking and frying oil that delivers great tasting fried food. Its 100% high oleic, low linolenic canola content makes Nutra- Clear® NT® Ultra the most stable oil in its category, giving you an exceptionally long fry life, lower food cost and labor savings. As a pure canola oil it is versatile enough to be used in the back of the house for sauces and vinaigrette’s.

* It is assumed that your operation follows proper frying and filtering procedures.

Download more product information
(PDF, 853 KB)

Trans fat can still be found in such processed foods as:

  • crackers, cookies, cakes, frozen pies and other baked goods
  • snack foods (such as microwave popcorn)
  • frozen pizza
  • vegetable shortenings and stick margarines
  • coffee creamers
  • refrigerated dough products (such as biscuits and cinnamon rolls)
  • ready-to-use frostings

Download a list of FDA compliant products that can help eliminate trans fats made from Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs).
(PDF, 1.5 MB)

Pour’n Fry NT®

Excellent 6–10 Day Fry Life Performance*

Pour’n Fry NT® is a blend of soybean and high oleic canola oils which delivers a unique taste profile and excellent fried food quality. Made with North American soybean and canola oil it offers a perfect frying medium for comfort food favorites. Pour’n Fry NT® offers your operation exceptional fry life and lower overall supply and labor cost.

* It is assumed that your operation follows proper frying and filtering procedures.

Download more product information
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Amaizing NT®

Excellent 6–10 Day Fry Life Performance*

Amaizing NT® an award winning** blend of corn and high oleic canola oil, Amaizing NT®’s distinct taste profile allows operators to deliver authentic regional cuisine to their patrons. Amaizing NT®’s unique formula works remarkably well with tortilla chips and fried fish by enhancing flavor and eliminating oily residue.

* It is assumed that your operation follows proper frying and filtering procedures.

** Amaizing NT took home top honors in the consumer sensory evaluation administered by FryTest.com, an independent test administered by Texas A&M’s renowned Food Protein Center.

Download more product information
(PDF, 1.5 MB)

Pro-Formance® NT

6–10 Days of Fry Life Performance*

NEW! Perfect for your weekly frying rotations, Pro-Formance® NT is a trans-fat free, low in saturated fat frying oil. Pro-Formance® NT delivers great fried food taste with consistent performance. A special blend of Soy and High Oleic Soy Oil offers a clean taste profile that does not interfere with the foods being prepared.

* It is assumed that your operation follows proper frying and filtering procedures.

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